About Show Me Boykins


Our journey began in 1996 in Mark McGuire -St. Louis with an eight and ten year old boy, a basement kennel and Show-Me Coco. Bob’s desire to have the best upland hunting dog around was not met in Coco. Becky got to her first. However, our third Boykin, Buster was Bob’s constant companion in the field, truck or by the fire. He was a retrieving beast. That is until the first Boykin Nationals we attended, where he dropped every bird exactly six feet in front of Bob. Every time. Dream crushed.

We have had as many as eleven Boykins (our rescue days) and as few as three. Currently located in Charlotte, NC, we now have seven. We usually have one Spring litter and two Fall litters. We have been involved with the Boykin Spaniel Society and the BSS National Trials since 1996 and our dogs are HIP OFA, Heart OFA, EYE CERF and EIC, once of age. Two of our males, Show-Me Sam Bo and Show-Me Leo are OFA Excellent, and reveal our efforts towards eliminating hip problems in our breed.

We love attending the BSS National Trials for the social aspect, however, with Bob’s limited expertise in training, ribbons and awards are designated to other participants. We strive to breed Boykins that have a great temperament yet retain the Boykins natural retrieving instincts, but being a respectable member in the house is our primary concern.

We welcome all visitors and phone calls to let us get to know you a little better and to allow you to become more acquainted with our dogs.

Interested in a puppy? We are happy to help! Please text before calling with your full name, best time to return the call and the desired gender of the puppy.

Boykin Bob: 704.564.9792


Hi Bob,   Gus loves his home here in Atlanta and is a great pet! He's such a sweet dog and has a very funny personality.  He is very curious, great around people, loves all other dogs and can't stand to be away from us.  He's a beautiful dog too, his ears are curly and his coat is wavy, but not too curly.  He is also great around little kids, hardly barks and loves to play.  We could not ask for a better dog.   Julie & Ben Mizell
Bob, Chessie now weighs 12 pounds...she has been the absolute best puppy! Bosco has come around and plays with her and she is fetching a tennis ball very well. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks today that we picked her up from you! She has been to Isle of Palms, Virginia Tech, Cleveland, Ohio and of course all around Charlotte in her short life! She is a total joy!    Well he is just the cutest thing. He's getting pretty good. He beginning to fetch dummies a little bit. And he has learned to sit before he can get his food or go outside. He's really a very good puppy. 
Hi Bob! I can't begin to tell you what a joy she has brought to our lives. 
Dear Bob, Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed our pup, Show Me Woody's Mischief, otherwise known as Chief. he is a delight and so much fun. his energy can try us, but he makes me laugh and has filled a void that children leaving create. I hope that we can see him work the late dove season as he is a keen fetcher! Now I am working on the command Stay. This is my first attempt at training a dog and he is very easy with wanting to please. He also enjoys the treats. He "kennels" on command like no other pet we've ever had. Thank you for the opportunity to have a wonderful pet and family member.
Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know that as of today, Rio is now officially titled, Show-Me Drew's Nina^ del Rio SHR! She got her Started title at the NEFHRC hunt test today. Dan told me you would probably want to know. Several people asked where she was from, everyone loves how beautifully smooth her coat is, instead of "that kinky curly coat", so if your ears were burning, now you know why! I'm so proud of Drew, he has been working really hard to get her to this point without any "professional" training. You should see her water entry! Dan says she could give those SRS dock dogs some competition! Hope you and your wife are doing well. Make sure you tell Cookie and Sam Bo how well their daughter is doing, above all, she is such a sweet, loving,and happy little girl! 
Bob,   We’ve had a blast with Kai. She is working on her obedience class routine and retrieving in the backyard. It’s amazing how many folks seem to know a lot about Boykins. In fact, Amy Dahl, the owner of the kennel where Kai spent Thanksgiving here in Pinehurst, said that she knew you and that your dogs always had the greatest personalities.     We’ve got another attribute to add to the considerable list of Boykin accomplishments- race dog. Melissa ran a local 5k yesterday with Kai and 700 other runners, about a hundred of those ran with dogs. Melissa took third in her age group. Kai was the second dog across the line. Melissa said that at one point Kai wanted to run a 7 minute mile pace. Melissa came across the line saying, “This dog is killing me.” Obviously without Melissa as an anchor, Kai would have won.  
Hey Bob, I wanted to send you a quick update after Abby's first duck season. I ended up getting a grant to study impacts of the oil spill on coastal waterfowl, so we were able to get out often to "collect samples" (don't worry the oil is long gone so there was no danger to her or me - I am looking in duck livers to see if hydrocarbons are accumulating unseen in the food web). She ended up retrieving around 80 ducks for me.
Hi Bob, We still can't thank you enough for sharing Ms. Cookie with us. We Love her to death. She is so sweet. She travels well and now goes to my truck automatically, because she thinks it means were going out to the farm, park, woods, etc. to play.  Bob I have wanted to send you a note telling you how much we are enjoying Cassie. She is a wonderful family pet , She LOVES the water and is always ready to retrieve. I have had three to four folks ask me where I got her and have referred them to you. Thanks again for a great dog. She had her vet visit yesterday to get her boosters and other shots. The vet said she weighs 12.4 lbs and is in great heath. Her coat is healthy and shinny. The vet (a Boykin Owner) said she was a excellent example of what a Boykin should be.  Thanks! And special thanks for some fine pups you got me! They have all turned into hunting machines. My dogs get more invites to hunting trips than I do.